TFS & PivotalTracker

When we started 4 years ago using Scrum the PO decided to use PivotalTracker to manage the Backlog and the roadmap.

We also had a physical board for the current sprint, but we found very useful to have the virtual one.

office-wallMy “wall” in Turin a couple of years ago, before we moved in a newer room.

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About User Stories

User Stories are very central in any Agile methodology and very often are the first cause of a failure (or success) in a software development.
Speaking about User Stories with a colleague in London, I noticed like the topic is every time (no matter the Country nor the person) much more complicated than expected, mostly if you are new on the field.

If you speak about User Stories is quite simple that, at the question “How a User Story should be?”, your answer will probably be an emphatic “INVEST!”
I agree, but I’ve noticed that to apply the INVEST approach is much more hard than expected. The theory is pretty clear, but somehow not so much clear how to put it in a User Story.
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