A London-Turin retrospective

sherlock Prologue (suggested theme music for this post here)

At the end of June I moved to begin a secondment for one year in our London office. One of the purpose of the secondment is to help to implement a software developed by my team in Turin.

So I temporarily dropped my Scrum Master role and I became Tech Leader of a new project in UK that had to use the new software: we went live at the end of July, but a lot of things happened even if the launch has been a success.

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No problems means Problems

Deal every day with problems is tiresome, sometimes frustrating (click here to have a taste of it!), but for me the real problems start when I don’t have any problem.
The sprint retrospective is a perfect time and place to deal with problems, but what if the sprint went well and no one has to complain?
Or what if more sprints went well in a row?

Well, when a new team starts there are a lot of problems, but after few months it is not so strange to have a period where everything goes in the right way: your software is growing well, your Stakeholder are enough satisfied and the team found the right rhythm.

If you have this kind of period there’s a chance that your retrospective become useless, boring and, like it happened to me, you begin to ask to yourself: and now? Continue reading