Pawns and Tiles: concerning the Skills

sapper_p2The skills are the last big component in the Pawns and Tiles game: a skill determinates a possible action of a pawn and in some way defines its role on the board.

Every pawn has a set of skills, two of them are common among pawns, “move” and “combat”.
Move from a logic point of view is not a skill, but for the application’s point of view is managed like any other skill.
Combat represents the possibility to attack an adjacent pawn.

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Pawns and Tiles: concerning the Tiles

sapper_p2The Tiles are central in the game exactly like the Pawns. Naturally refering to Tiles I’m talking about the map in general, the board where our little pawns have their conflict.

I think that to define a map, or in general the level design, is one of the big deal projecting a game. The main Character (or units depending on the game) is important, the skills are important, but if the level design sucks all the experience sucks no matter what.

For me Super Mario Galaxy is a master piece because of its level design.

So I was sure that with designing bad maps the whole game would have been a disaster.

I decided to keep things simple and to introduce more possibilites after a gameplay test.

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