Pawns and Tiles: a javascript experiment

sapper_p2I love games in any form (videogames, boardgames, role playing games, …) and three years ago I decided to try to develop a strategic game in javascript, one vs one, turn based. I told my idea to a friend (Giuseppe Perrini), very passionate in 2D art, and he accepted to help me.

The idea was quite simple, here in very short:

  • A player can challenge another player choosing a map.
  • Every player has a roster of five pawns, and every player has to line up his pawns in a specific area that changes in every map.
  • Every player has to choose the pawns (every pawn has its own skills) from a side deck following one rule: he can’t put more than two pawns of the same type in the map.
  • Every player in his turn has a limited number of moves and the goal is to occupy some specific area and keep it as long as possible to gain points.
  • After 30 turns (15 for player), the player with the higher score wins.

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