One year of London: eXtended edition

No, I didn’t die, I was just too busy to change more or less…everything in my life.
Long story short: I had to stay one year in London, but when the end of the year came I realized that maybe one year wasn’t enough for a lot of different reasons.

So I changed plan.
And job.


Everything was going well, I loved the projects, I loved the clients, I loved the colleagues, so why?

Well, after eight years I realized that I was starting to do too much of the same.
Deltatre is an amazing Company and so diversified that it took me literally YEARS to see almost every side of it, at least the ones I was interested in, but at the end it happened.
So I thought that from a professional perspective something had to change in order to continue to grow, even though from a sentimental/human perspective that decision didn’t come up that easy.

So what happened?

That the London office organized for me a beautiful party to say goodbye and made me a lot of amazing gifts.
The flyer represents me (on the left) and Phil (on the right) that was my pair as PM during this terrific year.
We had an amazing husband-wife relationship that I’m going to miss…thanks for the laughter chap 🙂

The rugby ball was a really amazing and unexpected gift from the client that I had the honor to work with during this year as Technical Lead.
So the 17th of July I said goodbye (only from a daily work perspective!) to a lot of people and to my beloved (and its IBM TryTracker that I consider one of the most exciting thing I ever coded in angularjs…till now!)

What am I doing now?

I said that I wanted to change in order to grow and I changed.
I’m still in tech of course

  • But I’m not any longer in the Sport Industry
  • I joined a very promising startup

A startup was always been an experience that I wanted to have and I thought that finally the timing was right, for the following reasons:

  • I have that kind of experience/knowledge that can be useful in a startup
  • A startup requires a lot of energy, passion, dedication and I’m still enough young to push myself beyond my limits. At least I hope so!

Just to clarify it is not that classic startup that you can imagine: a romantic quartet of nerds doing tech thingy in a garage.

In my case we are talking about something more structured, on the verge of an internal revolution and ready to compete in a different, higher and definitely more competitive league.
So, definitely not the Corporate like I was in before, definitely not the garage.

What is my role now?

Well, officially I lead the FE team, but the fun part to be in a startup is that your daily activities can shade in different things and nothing is black or white.
So I’m helping in the definition of the Agile process (the CEO likes the idea to go with Scrum in particular), I’m helping in architectural matter, but the most exciting part is that…I’m again a student!
I’m studying and learning a lot.


Oh yes, I’ve almost forgotten to mention it: the stack of the Company is not Microsoft.

So now I’m remapping all my knowledge about architectural stuff, server side patterns, continuous integration, continuous delivery, testing and so on in different languages and infrastructure.
…Bye bye C#, welcome Groovy/Grails and Scala.
…Bye bye TFS, welcome GitLab and Jenkins.
…Bye bye Azure, welcome AWS.
…Bye bye nUnit, welcome Spock.
And so on…

Frightening? A bit
Exciting? A lot

The name of the new Company?

Well…not today, this post was for me a moment to recap, but mostly to say goodbye and good luck to an amazing Company and to its lovely members and friends.
But I leave here a picture of something that represents my new choice.


My children already love that pig!

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