TFS & PivotalTracker

When we started 4 years ago using Scrum the PO decided to use PivotalTracker to manage the Backlog and the roadmap.

We also had a physical board for the current sprint, but we found very useful to have the virtual one.

office-wallMy “wall” in Turin a couple of years ago, before we moved in a newer room.

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Refactoring a razor legacy code.

I will discuss about my generic approach in refactoring in a specific post, but a few weeks ago I found an old code and I remembered what was happened that specific time.

Like in every nightmare, everything started with a simple request
“Could we re-arrange few lists of categories in a different layout?”

More in detail, the task was to rearrange in a different rows-columns layout four lists of categories sorted and grouped by macro category.
In theory pretty easy so the answer was “of course!”

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