The sentinel’s duty (a modern polling’s fairytale)

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The padding’s attitude

Let me set the scene

…at the end the Great day came, you would have had to go live in a couple of hours and the tension and the excitement were tangible. Then…something went wrong. Badly. What happened after it is not so easy to recall, the servers stopped to work and some people started to shout orders, other people started to type on the keyboard frantically or talk at the phone, someone was reporting about an accident in the server’s room, something maybe went on fire.
You were in the room, paralyzed, with the corner of your eye you were sure that someone was climbing over the window and someone else was ready to set himself on fire in the middle of the room before the End.
And suddenly…«GUYS!».
Everyone stopped.
A terrible silence came upon the room and everyone in the room looked at that Guy.
The Guy slowly bent over one desk and pointing at the screen said
«It’s me…or there is missing a bit of padding in that label?»

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Complex projects and maintainability

“Keep it simple” is a good advice, but sometimes it is not so easy even in projects very small.

The problem with javascript (most than in other languages) is that even if you know that the project won’t be a “very small” one, it is not so obvious how to proceed in order to keep the code maintainable for you and the future heirs of your code (yap, a lot of times your wonderful code for the next guy is the crappy legacy code).
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