A Memory game in AngularJs

Just for fun I have tried to recreate a Memory game in AngularJs.
As a kind of game it is not a complicated one, but it was interesting for me to evaluate the time needed in coding using the framework.

The memory game is quite famous among kids, but it is enjoyable even for the adult persons (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Concentration_%28game%29). Continue reading


Matter of Metrics and Improvements (how it started!)

I hate the metrics.
Really, I hate them.

Generally speaking now I hate any file excel in which I should put a lot of numbers.
Because years ago the 99% of the time that I took that metrics I didn’t know what to do with that numbers, I didn’t know when to use it, I didn’t know how to read it in order to be useful.
In my past experiences the metrics that I had taken were never useful to improve a workflow or avoid the same mistake.
Gathering those metrics had been only a colossal loss of time.

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An Authentication directive

On the server side is absolutely normal to decorate your Controllers or Actions with the Authorization attribute in order to manage correctly permissions and access to the resources/routes.

Sometime the problem is to manage the permissions or the roles in a much more atomic way in the views.
The scenario that a friend described to me was: I want in the a page to show/hide or enable/disable parts of the it depending on the roles of the user.

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