A London-Turin retrospective

sherlock Prologue (suggested theme music for this post here)

At the end of June I moved to begin a secondment for one year in our London office. One of the purpose of the secondment is to help to implement a software developed by my team in Turin.

So I temporarily dropped my Scrum Master role and I became Tech Leader of a new project in UK that had to use the new software: we went live at the end of July, but a lot of things happened even if the launch has been a success.

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Pawns and Tiles: concerning the Skills

sapper_p2The skills are the last big component in the Pawns and Tiles game: a skill determinates a possible action of a pawn and in some way defines its role on the board.

Every pawn has a set of skills, two of them are common among pawns, “move” and “combat”.
Move from a logic point of view is not a skill, but for the application’s point of view is managed like any other skill.
Combat represents the possibility to attack an adjacent pawn.

Basically every pawn can move and make a standard melee attack. Continue reading