The other side of the moon

sherlockAt the end of June 2014 I move to London for a secondment of one year for my Company. The news itself is for me exciting, but in this specific case it is for more than one reason.


What I have to do the next year is to help the London office to use a software that my Team in the Turin office developed in the last year.
It is an unique and amazing occasion to test my own work with a different point of view, try to use what I helped to create.

I have to learn a lot of things here, different workflows, different agile methodologies (DSDM), and I will continue to cooperate with the Italian office, with my (temporary) former  team.

About my personal goals in this year: obviously become fluent in English and work on my communication and coordination skills: I’m quite sure that this particular experience will be perfect.

I’ll try to keep track of this year even if right now I’m in the middle of the moving and so it’s no so easy to have the time for the blog.

In this week things will be set up and for the next week I will be able to post something more interesting than this interlude.

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