Definition of Done

I think it is a must in an agile team.
The Definition Of Done is a good starting point for a new team or a new software that a team should begin.

In fact, from my point of view a DOD is not just related to a team, but to a team bound to a specific project.
In theory every agile team should have only a software (or a part of it) to deal with, but my world is not so well compartmentalized and it happened that my team had to work on multiple software even if, luckily, not often at the same time.

In any case the point is: hardly a DOD used for a software was good enough for another software.

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Pawns and Tiles: concerning the pawns.

sapper_p2The pawn is central in the game play of Pawns And Tiles.
Every pawn of the game has his own specificity, but even a lot of common behavior.

At this moment you can choose among 6 pawns: Knight, Paladin, Pretorian, Sapper, Scout and Sniper.

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