Problem detection VS problem solving

As working as a Scrum Master is quite possible you have to manage a lot of problems of different nature.

Your team calls them “impediments”, other teams call them “you misunderstood what I said”, other people call them “a work that takes only 5 minutes”, but in your own world they are just another problem to manage.

When I begun, 3 years ago, I was very focused on problem solving and I felt very frustrated when I wasn’t able to solve them in the best way.

Day after day I understood that sometimes my real problem was not to find the solution, but to understand the problem.

Let me explain.

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Pivotaltracker plugin: Importance of Integration test

When I developed the pivotaltracker plugin to extract our backlogs (here the post), instead of create a mock application to use it, I gave the library to my colleague so he could integrate it in the real application that my frontend application would have used to retrieve all the backlogs.

Everything went well until the application tried to parse the stories in the final contract, then the application crashed miserably.
I and my colleague worked side by side:
The first thing I did was to run my test: all passed.
So I checked the response of the pivotaltracker API, maybe they had changed something: nope, the response of the API was exactly what I expected to receive.
So what happened?
Why my test didn’t represent correctly the real situation?

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Backlog Aggregator: Roadmap Feedback (part one)

In our weekly meeting with the boss, I showed my roadmap-preview to have feedback and improve it (here the first part and here the second part of the creation of the roadmap-preview).
The roadmap-preview had to be used in two different places: in a dashboard as part of a summary of a project and in a Roadmap page where was needed to show more detailes.

My roadmap-preview had been considered good-looking, but lacking of information.
It wasn’t clear the content and the month of a release: in the dashboard had to be possible to read the key features of a release clicking on the flag, but in the Roadmap page was considered more useful to view them immediatly.

I decided not to create two different roadmap-preview directives; I prefered to have something like:


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Backlog Aggregator: Roadmap preview (part two)

To solve the test I had to create my directive.
First of all I created the module that all my directives would have to use.

var directives = angular.module('backlogsReader.directives', []);

And then I wrote my roadmap-preview Directive.

var roadmapPreview = angular.module('backlogsReader.directives');
	.directive('roadmapPreview', function () {
		return {
			restrict: 'E',
			replace: true,
			scope: {
				roadmap: '=roadmap'
			templateUrl: 'relativeToTheApplicationRootUrl/roadmapPreview.html'

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