Backlog Aggregator: how

Well, the idea was to have a website where to show, for every project, backlog and other informations more related at the Company and its workflow.

We decided to split the work, so I was in charge to develop the website and to give a help to develop the plugins able to get stories from pivotaltracker and easybacklog and able to map them in a common DTO.

The others two team members started to analize a repository and a backoffice to put other relevant information apart the backlogs.

For the website I decided to use for the server side .NET MVC and to develop a SPA made with AngularJs.
To test the server side I decided to use NUnit and Moq, and Castle Windsor as Container.
To test the client side I decided to use Jasmine and run it with Chutzpah.

Because I didn’t know what kind of software would have been developed to use the plugins, I made them as DLL.

After few iterations (we iterate ideally every one/two weeks) we decided to use Trello to track our progress with these lists: “to do”, “doing”, “done”, “brainstorming”.

Anyway, at the very beginning, our first task was to evaluate effort and possibility to get the stories.
In the next post about the Backlog Aggregator, I’ll talk about the pivotaltracker plugin

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